Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What the heck are these guys doing?

Ever try getting a decent photograph of two kids and a dog? There you are, camera in hand, everyone in place, neatly visible, serene... and just when your finger presses the shutter-button, one kid suddenly turns away pouting, leaving you to gaze confusedly at the back of her pony-tail. Then, after endless cajoling and negotiating, just as she finally graces you with her “oh so cute” mug, the other kid begins exploring the depths of his nose with his finger... Amazingly you convince him to remove the probing digit, only to feel your heart sink when you notice that the dog isn't quite visible, as only the top of his perky ears peep into frame.

Now, to this scenario add a multi-tasking mom and a burnt-out pop, cooky costumes, home-made sets, a ridiculously busy doorbell, a slow burning soup on the stove, surreptitious sibling rivalry and a lot of barking.

This is the story of the making of our family's fourth... and fifth... calendar, where every month we transform ourselves and become... another family.

we do it for the kids...

Merry Xmas

The calendar makes our relationship even stronger...

even the dog has fun!

We do it 'cause it's fun...


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