Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet the Family

Alexia's favorite food is triple chocolate cake, morning noon and night.  Her favorite activities include getting a massage, writing and watching her children sleep.  Her favorite color varies, depending on what her daughter Luce decides for her daily.  Favorite family moments include, the birth of her two children and the day her kids started going to school.  Full time.

Coming Soon!

Luce's favorite foods are mashed potatoes, carbonara pasta (bacon and egg sauce) and marshmallows, preferably pink.  Her favorite color is pink (duh!) and on occasion fuchsia.  Her favorite activities are going to the children's museum of Rome and annoying Liam (not necessarily in that order or at the same time).  Her favorite family moment is having group hugs (without her brother) and giving Amleto a bath.

Liam enjoys all kinds of foods.  His all time favorite is pasta with squid ink, best if topped with red hot chili peppers.  His favorite activities are making scrambled eggs and wearing his sister's make-up.  He says his favorite color is yellow, but he actually means red...he's still working on learning his colors.  Liam's favorite family moment is when we all go crazy dancing to “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.”

Like Liam, Amleto also enjoys all kinds of foods, some unmentionable in this bio.  His favorite things to do include, stealing Liam's bread sticks, chewing Luce's plastic doll and annoying Nick.  Unfortunately Amleto doesn't have a favorite color, as he is color blind.  His favorite family moments are sled riding, driving in the car with the windows down and the day Mom knocked an entire bowl of spaghetti with meatballs on the floor! Score!



elisabetta tucci said...

What can I say, just I founded so lovely you all!!!! Thanks 4 that! A big hug and a lots of love. I'll come to see you often. Thanks Elisabetta

2 kids and a dog said...

Thanks Elisabetta.

Cath said...

Just found your site courtesy of Michelle@Bleeding Espresso - love it! What a crazy family - and how well you must fit into Italy!

2 kids and a dog said...

Ah... you know Italy well.
The Mom
PS. Glad you enjoyed it.

PassagetoItaly said...

I too found your site via Bleeding Espresso.. Looking forward to your videos!! :)

You're so creative!


2 kids and a dog said...

Thanks Catherine! Hope you enjoy. And keep the good stuff coming on Passage to Italy. By the way, I use soap nuts for my laundry. Ever heard of them? (No, it ain't a joke)

Adoonis from France said...

What a nice and crazy family ! I appreciate all movies espacially "meet dad" one, with the "REC" movies camera knowledge and the hitchcock music ! will speak asap, about you, to Luc Besson ...was fun & congratulation my friend - thanks NNnniiiicccckkkk

2 kids and a dog said...

Jerooooooooooooooooooome thx so much.
I'll wait to hear news from Luc Besson...
Good night by now
see you on the virtual see
p.s. have a look at this webisode:

2 kids and a dog said...

Nick, please, we gotta tweak the English...
see with eyes
sea is the body of water
Alexia, The Mom

Anonymous said...

it was just a typo darling.
the Dad

TSL said...

Found you through Kwana Writes blog, this is all great fun. Continued good things your way.

elisa d'emilio said...

Well what can I say...sometimes i feel there is something familiar in your sketches!!
I really enjoy u all!


Elisa, Andrea, 3 kids and a dog!

2 kids and a dog said...

Hi Tina, welcome to the fun! And thanks for the "continued good things". Stay tuned...

2 kids and a dog said...

Glad you're enjoying the webisodes. Now I can't complain though, you have THREE kids and a dog! Hats off to you!
Alexia, The Mom

PassagetoItaly said...

No, Alexia, sorry, but I haven't heard of soap nuts. Do they even sell them in the US?

2 kids and a dog said...

Yes! I'm sure you can find soapnuts on internet, as well as soap and nuts.
Alexia, the Mom

PassagetoItaly said...


Soap and nuts, yes separately. I'll have to look for soapnuts in the store.. I wonder what an employee's reaction would be if I asked where the soapnuts are? LOL

A presto!

2 kids and a dog said...

Catherine, please make a video and post it on your blog when you do. And let us all know.
Alexia, the Mom

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