Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April ep 3 - Voodoo Wheelchair

 Dad is not very superstitious.



Anonymous said...

Ah ah ah povero dad, non è giusto alla fine è crollato.... Chissa cosa gli capiterà!

Christine said...

Hi Alexia, Nick, Luce, Liam and Amleto!
I found your site from Kwana and spent the better part of an hour watching your videos on your YouTube page. You guys are so much fun!!!

Nellie said...

Only a Sicilian can see it as bad luck to sit in a wheel chair, being 100% Sicilian, I get it, but he must get over it.Do the sign of the cross when he walks by. Its like when you buy used furniture the energy of the previous person can emanate from it{ haunt } the new owner , don't tell Mr.Superstition.

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