Sunday, June 14, 2009

June ep 5 - A Day in the Life

We are already accepting donations for our children's phsychotherapy when they grow up.  Feel free to use the paypal button on the site.



Giulia said...

lol But also remember that Amleto will need treatment, too.

If I win the lottery I'll send help. For now, yay Azzurri pulled it out today. "Too old" my rear. Anyway...


2 kids and a dog said...

Oh my God! You are right. We'll have to start saving even more money!
Alexia, the Mom

Passage to Italy said...

Maybe they will need help. I'll start preparing for donations. But in spite of that, you have adorable children with such cute little cheeks!

2 kids and a dog said...

Thank you! Their cheeks are cute, even though they can be little monkeys sometimes.

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